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Sep 6, 2013 interview with bassist, Jordan Panfil

How long have you guys been together? How did you form?
We've been playing music since we were kids in high school.  We weren't very good, but we were having a lot of fun.  I believe 2001 is when we all started jamming together.

Tell us about your recent album “Taking the Clock Apart.” Are you writing any new material yet?
"Taking The Clock Apart" was our follow up album to "Found Their Way Home".  We definitely had a better experience writing the album and put a lot more time and energy into fine tuning every song.  The idea behind the album is that when you're feeling broken or unhappy with your place in life, you can always better yourself.  Like fixing a broken clock, you have the opportunity to pick yourself apart and make adjustments or improvements. 
As for new material, we do have some tracks up our sleeve.  We just released "Stronger" and we'll be back in the studio for our next single release "Hot Whiskey" in October.  We have verbal confirmation that we'll be working with Taylor Larson for the recording and Mitch Martinez for the music video so we're super stoked.  It will be a late 2013 release.  As a fan I'd assume that for every single we release, we have another song or two lined up that doesn't get recorded.  So yeah, we're always writing new material.  

Who does the writing?
The writing process is different for every song.  Generally songs stem from just playing around and jamming together, one of us bringing partial material to the table, or sometimes a whole song written by one member is used.  Regardless of how the initial song makes its way to the table, we all work together to edit and improve it once we're all comfortable with its layout.  It's pretty much a team effort, but like every, band we all have different roles to make sure the band works on all levels.  Some members are more crucial to the writing process than others.  

Tell us about your recent run with American Head Charge. Any upcoming touring plans?
Being on the road with American Head Charge was an absolute blast.  All the bands, venues, promoters, and fans were amazing and very supportive.  We were a little nervous going out with AHC being as we're hard rock and they're more on the metal side.  We weren't really sure how the crowds would react but every night was a huge success and only positive reactions from the fans.  AHC was a band that had a big influence on us as high school kids.  In fact, as a band we all went to the Pledge of Allegiance Tour to see them live with Slipknot, System Of A Down, and Mudvayne.  So it definitely means a lot to meet everyone and have them live up to your expectations.

Where can fans check you guys out on the web?
The best place to stay in touch with us is on Facebook and Twitter.  There's actually a few free tracks for download on our Facebook page.  Be sure to check out both links and say what's up!

Anything you’d like to add/say to the readers?

Just thanks for taking the time to read and we hope to see you at a show soon! And share our music with your friends!

Their latest single “Stronger” is streaming on Soundcloud here:


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