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Aug 12, 2013

Interview with Heaven Below frontman Patrick Kennison

Interview with Heaven Below frontman Patrick Kennison
by Ryan Salge

Heaven Below is a hard rock band based out of Los Angeles with a sound reminiscent of 80's hair metal. Their new album "The Deadlight Sessions" however takes a semi-acoustic direction. I recently had the chance to interview frontman Patrick Kennison about the new album, this is what he had to say.

RS: Hi Patrick, thanks for doing this interview, for everyone out there that has never heard of Heaven Below describe The band in your own words.

PK: Heaven Below is a culmination of life's adversity and tragedies put to a musical format. Our music is fueled by a hunger to create a therapeutic and cathartic feeling for our listeners. We don't want to be the "heaviest" or "catchiest" band. Only the most genuine and heartfelt.

RS: Awesome! You guys have a new album, The Deadlight Sessions coming out on August 13th. It's a departure from your normal material in that it is semi acoustic. What made you decide to go in this direction?

PK: With the success of our acoustic version of When Daylight Dies we decided to challenge ourselves to a group of acoustic songs with minimal overdubs and raw emotion.

RS: What song on this album is the most personal song to you and why?

PK: For me The Needle Lies Again was closest to home. Paul (Gray) was not only a badass but a sweet person. It pains me to see chemicals or addiction claim the lives of pure artists. Our short time hanging and talking will last forever.

RS: What is your fondest memory of Pual?

PK: Hanging backstage and talking about albums we grew up on then watching sidestage as he slayed onstage.

RS: Do you have any shows coming up or any tour plans?

PK: We are about to announce our triumphant return to South Texas. Stay tuned!!!

RS: The album is due out at digital retailers August 13, will there be a physical copy, and if so where and when can people get a hold of it?

PK: The physical copy will be available thru next month.

RS: Sounds Great, thank you for your time.

The Deadlight Sessions will be available through digital retailers August 13th, it is an amazing album so be sure to pick it up. Check back soon as I will be doing a history of Heaven Below as well as pieces on other bands!