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Jun 10, 2013

PRIME TIME: Alternative/modern music goes Ukraine

The band was formed in September 9, 2009 in Ukraine, Lviv - by five friends having the same goal - to realize their musical dreams. Most of the members were in bands before.
PrimeTime the band. Complete band photo. Ukraine band.
The team began to create new material immediately. The style of the tracks was multifaceted, because each member shared ideas how to create and work on the arrangement, "post production", actively helping others in the recording studio. In a short period of time, the first few songs were written, providing the core of the future debut album.
Soon after the release of a full LP,  the boys quickly posted new tracks to the network, and in a short time they became well known among many listeners, not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The boys chose English for performing and producing the material, as it greatly expands the boundaries to promote the band.
In addition to above, the band immediately began to tour, barely giving the tracks a rotary popularity in the network, and sent their first songs on national radio. Their rotation continues even today.
During 2010, band toured. Each month, the team played some shows, not to mention their work on the creation of new material, at the same time. The band also toured abroad - this activity came in the summer, where the group was invited to several performances at foreign festivals.
Returned in the early autumn to the Ukraine, the team start filming their debut video for the song “My Passion”, which was popular among many music lovers already. After the filmingsession Prime Time went on tour by the territory of Ukraine, visiting the small and large cities, large concert stages and clubs.
At the end of 2010 the debut movie was finished - its director was Alexander Denisenko, who completed all necessary preparations for emergence of video on the web in a short period of time. “online” premiere of the movie is February 18, 2011.
In early 2011 the group began to record their first full album (its release is planned for summer 2012). The album will consist of 11 songs, most of which are performed live. However, a few songs did not appear on the Web before - they will be a surprise to fans and music lovers who fall into their hands on the disc, entitled "Love and Hate".
Small changes in the band cast occurred, during the existence of, but each change brought only positive within and improved the cooperation of all participants. The last change occurred in late 2011, when a band member, keyboard player - Roman Semen (SEM) left due to family reasons, he was re-placeby Alex Ignatov - a talented musician with rich musical experience.
In the meantime, Prime Time plans to start filming the second video clip while preserving the confidentiality of the selected song. And due to tradition, at the beginning of the year the band started to tour again..


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