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Jun 23, 2013

New to the Crate: ROADSIDE STORY

Roadside Story is a rock band from Finland.

The actual beginning of  the band was in 2009, when MAke, (Vocals and Guitars), and his brother Jukkis, (Drums and  Percussions), started to play and compose music together. Soon they released  
band’s first single, Over the edge, in April of 2009.

The lead  composer of the band is MAke (lead voc and guitars), and the song arrangements are  made by Jukkis (drums). The third member of the band is Jake (Bass guitar).  All of  
them are experienced musicians.

In the year 2009, Roadside Story made lots of gigs in Western  Finland. They also spent lots of time in their home-studio making their first  release.  Their first EP, Bulletproof, was released on February 2010. 

In the beginning of 2011, Roadside Story went to a studio to record few new tracks, and soon
they released a single In the eye of the wind,  via SpotifyAmazon and iTunes.

Roadside Story is well-known for their brilliant songs,  attitude and  unique guitar  solos.  They are  currently signed with Casket Music.

Roadside Story's music has been played at many  radio stations, from European to Mexican radio-stations.

MAke: vocals, guitars
Jukkis: drums
/: bass


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