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Sep 9, 2013

Brooklyn recording artist Evan Russell Saffer releases EP on Swedish electro label Uberstrom

How are you liking your new home with Swedish electro label Uberstrom??

So far so good.  This came together rather quickly when the album was in final mixing stages.  I sent it out to a bunch of electro and dance labels and Substream was immediately interested.  The owners of the label said they had been wanting to create a sublabel or imprint that would match my style for several years.  A label devoted to the marriage of Dance with Rock and Metal that would break new ground.  So when I came along that was the birth of Uberstrom which means "over-current" in German - to help define the label and the new music that I am putting out.  That sparked a dialog which was rather frequent with me sending the rest of the album, within 2 months we had a deal signed and were laying out the release schedule.  I like that kind of work ethic and commitment to communication from anyone I work with.  The album has been released exclusively on Beatport and will be available everywhere mid September.  

Did you start writing your new CD "Opponent" before or after you we're signed by Uberstrom??

Waaaay before.  I pretty much sent them the final product what you hear now.  It was completely tracked and mixed (see for full album credits) - Hakan Ludvigson at Substream did the mastering and voila - The Opponent!  I am always writing, I'm writing even now for the next album.  The first bits of the Opponent came together on my couch with Eric "BiPolar" Bair on guitar during the touring period of Neon Gas (Naysayer Ent. 2011).  He contributed some monster riffs that led to songs like Beautiful Stranger and Best In Me.  We worked through different vibes and he's great to bounced rhythms and vocal patterns off of and then he magically turns them into riffs and arrangements.  I always have a pocketful of lyrics and strange melodies floating around until they land somewhere, we're still writing that way now.  We jammed out the songs with the lineup of ERS at that time (which was much more schizo-rock oriented).  Towards the end of a year of touring I got into some really makeshift studios, literally sitting in someone's bedroom laying down these guitar parts and scratch vocals.  That took about 2 days.  After that I moved the project to a better studio in the lower east side NYC and put it together over another 8 months with engineer Tommy Sica, adding electronics and arrangements where possible.  It really was very rocking but just another rock record, it didn't have that electro dance vibe I was looking for - something fresh and new.  That's when I started working with producer Kase Reese out of his home studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (he's now in the much more hip Bushwick area) who did the final mix for Scarecrow.  We were making some new sounds and developed the record a little further until I got an email from Martin Kestner.  Martin is a DJ/Producer from the UK who has been following my career since he saw me performing with my band Fixer at CBGB in 2004.  We clicked immediately.  I sent him some songs I was struggling with and he nailed it.  We continue to have an incredible working relationship with excellent communication.  He is full of fresh ideas including dub and house along with chops in rock and metal to help execute anything I can think of, so we started (almost) from scratch again and produced the rest of the songs on the album together.  Martin and Eric both complete my live lineup and are in the studio and on the road with me now.

What influenced you for your new CD?? 

I kind of just dove in at the beginning because I liked the songs we were writing, however, as the record progressed I was disenchanted doing just another rock record.  So I really started leaning towards incorporating electronics.  Even then I didn't know what I wanted until I met Martin at the tail end of the process.  I re-did  this record about 3 times before release with the M.Kestner sessions and the track from Kase Reese being the final time.  Martin and I were really seeing eye to eye on the music we were listening to, new records from Skrillex, Deftones, Korn, Garbage, NIN, Device, Deadmau5 but also still loving the songwriting and passionate hooks of older bands like Queen and Def Leppard....I kept finding random beats/DJs/artists online and sending him ideas that inspired me.  We really came together on the final sounds describing The Opponent as "Massive-Dub-Electro-Dance-Metal".

Is there a tour in your near future??

I have several agents that are willing to work with me, and that's a hard thing to do.  The road is so exciting and I've always been addicted to live performances/drama/theatre and my new live show is explosive rock with rave-esque dance beats brings down the house...however.....the road is not very effective for is why:  It's incredibly expensive even though I'm only a three man band (more money and less expenses for everyone) and with all the tricks that I have learned (like sleeping on floors with fans instead of hotels, eating one meal a day which you hope is included in the tour rider, bringing as little gear as possible to reduce gas and wear and tear on your vehicle) it's still not effective in building a fan base.  People aren't going out to shows randomly anymore, they are surfing the internet and trading music online.  Therefore that's where the marketing has to go, that's where the content is and once something starts buzzing we can set up a more successful tour where people will come out to play with us.  That said, I am touring but not as much as we could.  We're doing regional dates, keeping it close to home and really working 4-5 markets heavily like Mass., Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey with an occasional festival run to Michigan and Ohio.

Where can we catch your show here in the states??

My upcoming tour dates are listed on
I have dates in Brooklyn, NY/Providence, RI/Boston, MA/New York City all coming up in September and October 2013.

How about over in Europe??

Touring in Europe is a dream of mine that we'll be fulfilling very shortly.  I spoke to Uberstrom about this and the goal is to put our efforts into the marketing and distribution of this album and with some good momentum bring us over to tour in Sweden and do some European festivals in the summer of 2014. 
thanks for the interview!  ~Evan Russell Saffer

Sep 6, 2013 interview with bassist, Jordan Panfil

How long have you guys been together? How did you form?
We've been playing music since we were kids in high school.  We weren't very good, but we were having a lot of fun.  I believe 2001 is when we all started jamming together.

Tell us about your recent album “Taking the Clock Apart.” Are you writing any new material yet?
"Taking The Clock Apart" was our follow up album to "Found Their Way Home".  We definitely had a better experience writing the album and put a lot more time and energy into fine tuning every song.  The idea behind the album is that when you're feeling broken or unhappy with your place in life, you can always better yourself.  Like fixing a broken clock, you have the opportunity to pick yourself apart and make adjustments or improvements. 
As for new material, we do have some tracks up our sleeve.  We just released "Stronger" and we'll be back in the studio for our next single release "Hot Whiskey" in October.  We have verbal confirmation that we'll be working with Taylor Larson for the recording and Mitch Martinez for the music video so we're super stoked.  It will be a late 2013 release.  As a fan I'd assume that for every single we release, we have another song or two lined up that doesn't get recorded.  So yeah, we're always writing new material.  

Who does the writing?
The writing process is different for every song.  Generally songs stem from just playing around and jamming together, one of us bringing partial material to the table, or sometimes a whole song written by one member is used.  Regardless of how the initial song makes its way to the table, we all work together to edit and improve it once we're all comfortable with its layout.  It's pretty much a team effort, but like every, band we all have different roles to make sure the band works on all levels.  Some members are more crucial to the writing process than others.  

Tell us about your recent run with American Head Charge. Any upcoming touring plans?
Being on the road with American Head Charge was an absolute blast.  All the bands, venues, promoters, and fans were amazing and very supportive.  We were a little nervous going out with AHC being as we're hard rock and they're more on the metal side.  We weren't really sure how the crowds would react but every night was a huge success and only positive reactions from the fans.  AHC was a band that had a big influence on us as high school kids.  In fact, as a band we all went to the Pledge of Allegiance Tour to see them live with Slipknot, System Of A Down, and Mudvayne.  So it definitely means a lot to meet everyone and have them live up to your expectations.

Where can fans check you guys out on the web?
The best place to stay in touch with us is on Facebook and Twitter.  There's actually a few free tracks for download on our Facebook page.  Be sure to check out both links and say what's up!

Anything you’d like to add/say to the readers?

Just thanks for taking the time to read and we hope to see you at a show soon! And share our music with your friends!

Their latest single “Stronger” is streaming on Soundcloud here:

Aug 29, 2013

British hard rock band, The Darkness, Rocks! By Ryan Salge

Are you tired of new “music”? 
Are you musically stuck in the late 80’s and early 90’s or before? 
Are you tired of the nonsense cookie cutter bands that rule the radio nowadays? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to check out The Darkness. They are a British hard rock band that formed in 2000. Their sound ranges from classic rock to hard rock. Songs with heavy power riffs to ballads, they cover all of the bases with a classic rock tone. 

Justin Hawkins, their lead singer and guitarist has an incredible vocal range. He can hit incredibly high notes while staying in key with the song. At times he reminds me of Freddy Mercury. His vocal melodies and harmonies fit the songs perfectly. He can also shred on the guitar with amazing riffs and solos that will blow your mind. 

Justins brother Dan Hawkins is the other guitarist, and they trade lead duties throughout. Their live shows are some of the best shows I have ever seen. Justin Hawkins has a stage presence that is unparalleled. He is a front man in the likes of which we have not seen since Axl Rose back in the 80’s or David Lee Roth. Often wearing spandex one pieces, running around, and climbing things to jump off of at just the right moment. Other awesome stage moves include doing a handstand and clapping his legs together while upside down to get the crowd to clap along with the beat of the song. I even saw him throw a guitar pick behind him, kick it back up, catch it, and continue playing. 

I must warn you this band is not for everyone, if you do not like high pitched vocals they can be a bit overpowering at times. Their biggest single to date is "I Believe In A Thing Called Love". I would suggest listening to that song first to get an idea of what you are in for. 

They have 3 albums out: "Permission To Land", "One Way Ticket To Hell… And Back", and "Hot Cakes". All of these are great albums however if you are wanting to start out I would suggest their debut album "Permission To Land". If you like bands like Motley Crue  and Van Halen then rest assured that you will enjoy the Darkness.

Aug 12, 2013

Interview with Heaven Below frontman Patrick Kennison

Interview with Heaven Below frontman Patrick Kennison
by Ryan Salge

Heaven Below is a hard rock band based out of Los Angeles with a sound reminiscent of 80's hair metal. Their new album "The Deadlight Sessions" however takes a semi-acoustic direction. I recently had the chance to interview frontman Patrick Kennison about the new album, this is what he had to say.

RS: Hi Patrick, thanks for doing this interview, for everyone out there that has never heard of Heaven Below describe The band in your own words.

PK: Heaven Below is a culmination of life's adversity and tragedies put to a musical format. Our music is fueled by a hunger to create a therapeutic and cathartic feeling for our listeners. We don't want to be the "heaviest" or "catchiest" band. Only the most genuine and heartfelt.

RS: Awesome! You guys have a new album, The Deadlight Sessions coming out on August 13th. It's a departure from your normal material in that it is semi acoustic. What made you decide to go in this direction?

PK: With the success of our acoustic version of When Daylight Dies we decided to challenge ourselves to a group of acoustic songs with minimal overdubs and raw emotion.

RS: What song on this album is the most personal song to you and why?

PK: For me The Needle Lies Again was closest to home. Paul (Gray) was not only a badass but a sweet person. It pains me to see chemicals or addiction claim the lives of pure artists. Our short time hanging and talking will last forever.

RS: What is your fondest memory of Pual?

PK: Hanging backstage and talking about albums we grew up on then watching sidestage as he slayed onstage.

RS: Do you have any shows coming up or any tour plans?

PK: We are about to announce our triumphant return to South Texas. Stay tuned!!!

RS: The album is due out at digital retailers August 13, will there be a physical copy, and if so where and when can people get a hold of it?

PK: The physical copy will be available thru next month.

RS: Sounds Great, thank you for your time.

The Deadlight Sessions will be available through digital retailers August 13th, it is an amazing album so be sure to pick it up. Check back soon as I will be doing a history of Heaven Below as well as pieces on other bands!

Jul 29, 2013

Heaven Below's New Video 


Jul 26, 2013

3 Pill Morning isn’t just another rock band, and they’ll leave you with anything but a musical hangover.

Forged in the hard rock proving grounds of Minneapolis, MN in late 2004, 3 Pill Morning could be described as trial by fire. Simply put, music was never a question for lead vocalist Jeff Stebbins, and failure was never an option. While other musicians were moving from project to project, and band to band, Stebbins took a different path, consistently growing and evolving 3 Pill Morning from an angst ridden rap-rap-core act, into an anthemic rock band no one can deny.

It took the better part of 5 years, over 500 shows, and a hand full of member changes to finally click. Nothing would stop the evolution of 3 Pill Morning. Early on, Stebbins found a natural chemistry with guitarist Ryan Walch and he quickly became a key member of the band’s core. As the pieces fell into place, the final line up came into focus with the addition of bassist Charlie McCoy and drummer Trent Laugerman. The band forged on, hitting the road, solidifying their sound, and cementing their spot as a national touring act sharing the stage with the likes of Sevendust, Framing Hanley and NonPoint. Through 3 Pill Morning’s consistent mile grinding and road warrior focus, the band has built an inspiring fan base with die hard supporters nationwide.

After a chance introduction in a city better known for honky-tonks and banjos than gut-wrenching riffs, the band found a creative match with Nashville based producer Jon King (Augustana, Throwing Gravity, Future Leaders of the World) . They quickly went to work writing, recording, and re-vamping songs and ideas to take that next sonic step. In 2012 the band signed a recording contract with King’s Page 2 Music and New York based A2Z Entertainment. “We were really intentional with everything this time around” comments Stebbins, “as a band we had a specific vision for what we wanted to do, and that really set the tone for everything from the writing process down to the artwork and suits we wear live”.

Two months and weeks of all night recording sessions later, the band emerged from the studio with a renewed vigor and a slick concoction of fist pumping riffs, infectious melodies, and an energy that can only be described as relentless. 3 Pill Morning’s label debut Black Tie Love Affair pegs all the dials and pulls no punches. The band’s lead single ‘Rain’ immediately raced into the top 100 Active Rock songs and their sleek video capturing the underdog story ‘Skin’ has lit up youtube viewers worldwide. All signs are positive that this band’s determination and fan-centric demeanor will keep them on the radar for years to come.

Jul 17, 2013


New album due out this fall
CODY, WYOMING – Wyoming rock/metal act on the rise, Righteous Vendetta, has completed recording its new album at JTW Recording Studios in Hubertus, Wis. with producer, Joel Wanasek, who also produced the band’s previous effort, Lawless.
            The upcoming LP will feature new mixes of several tracks from the band’s recent EP, ‘Vol. 1,’ along with four brand new anthems.
            The band plans to release the forthcoming full-length sometime in fall 2013.
            “The new record is sure to be one of the biggest, hardest hitting mixes in the genre,” said vocalist Ryan Hayes. “It is heavy, catchy, melodic, and will have you singing every chorus after the first time you hear it.”
            Righteous Vendetta will look to build upon past successes, including a hit single, “This Pain,” which spent 15 weeks in the top 20 on Billboard’s Christian Rock chart, and over 800 shows played around the globe.
            The band recently wrapped up an extensive U.S. run with Virginia rock quartet, HURT, while also launching a Groupees charity campaign to benefit LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry (
            Currently, Righteous Vendetta is gearing up for several European festival appearances next month, with more U.S. tour-dates soon to be announced.
            In the meantime, check out the music video for “The Fire Inside,” taken from ‘Vol. 1’ EP at:, and stay tuned for more information on Righteous Vendetta.

Righteous Vendetta on tour…

7/26 - Sheridan, WY @ Sheridan Fairgrounds
8/02 - Kassel, GERMANY @ Freakstock Festival
8/10 - Rybnik, POLAND @ Sonar Days Festival
8/16 - Grossandelfingen, SWITZERLAND @ Heavenstage Festival 

Righteous Vendetta online…

Righteous Vendetta is… 
Ryan Hayes - Vocals
Justin Olmstead - Guitar
Isaiah Perez - Drums
Carl Heiman - Guitar

Jul 15, 2013

STONEBREED of Hollywood, CA delivers a unique blend of Hard Rock with a Southern Metal Kick. You can hear their influences of Hard, Southern, Classic, Country & Metal as it pumps out their songs like a Freight Train!

I was able to catch a minute with the lead singer Carlos Cruz and ask him a few questions:

Q: What is your definition of Stonebreed?
A: Stonebreed: Stone is another word for Rock, and we’re a breed of rockers, almost a dying breed, so Stonebreed is a breed of Rockers!!
Q: What can your fans look forward to this summer from Stonebreed??
A: We are writing a bunch of new songs, we are gonna record a brand new CD, and were playing so many shows coming up including short tours trough Maryland, and Nebraska

Q: When can we look forward to the new CD?
A: Right around the first of the year we are shooting for!

Q: What's been the most memorable to you over the past year of touring??
A: Most memorable was opening for RATT in our home town, I’m real good friends with Bobby and Carlos so it was extra cool playing with my friends to a sold out crowd!

Q: Are there any other show dates coming up here in California after the Aug 1st show??
A: Yes we are playing with Molly Hatchet on Aug 30th and Saxon on Oct 5th, Oct 19th we play SKULLFEST in North Platte Nebrask , and Nov 9th we play the Rock Harvest fest 2 in White Marsh Maryland!

Q: What would you say is influencing your songwriting for your new upcoming CD??
A: LIFE in general is influencing the songwriting of the new CD, just what we go through every day as human beings in this world, we see it, experience it, and write about it!

I’m looking forward to hearing their new songs and watching these guys perform. You should catch em when you can too.

Jul 11, 2013

"The Needle Lies Again" - New Music from Heaven Below

You want a taste… a tease…. a fix of some new music by Heaven Below?

Heaven Below - The Deadlight Sessions

Well here you go, and not a day to soon, if you ask me. They have just finished their latest CD, 
The Deadlight Sessions” which is set for release in August/early September. They have offered their first single, “The Needle Lies Again” for your listening pleasure.
I’m relating to their new song, as I’m sure many of you will, with the pain and anguish you feel that overwhelms you when you have to deal with such a loss.
I asked Patrick Kennison, lead singer/guitarist of Heaven Below about this song and this is what he said:
“The song has an interesting story behind it. When I played the Ozzfest in my last band I made friends w/ several people in the other bands. One guy in particular was very cool & fun to talk to offstage. The ironic part is that his band was so over the top & brutal onstage. When I got the news that he had passed on May 24th 2010 I was shocked & saddened as his fans, friends, & family were. The details of his death also drove home how mortal we all are & how fragile life can be. The song The Needle Lies Again practically wrote itself as I was mourning his loss. I will always cherish the times we talked & hungout. Rest in peace my friend.”

I’ve been fortunate enough to get an early copy of their new CD and I can’t stop listening to it!!
Heavy, Melodic and Haunting music that expresses Love, Life and Loss.
Check out their new release….you’ll be glad you did. These guys are incredible!!

Information and Links:
·         Website:   
·         Facebook:
·         Reverbnation:
·         Itunes:      
·         Youtube:
·         Twitter:   

Jul 7, 2013

New to the Crate: DELTA ROSE

Delta Rose is a young energetic Rock n Blues band from Rosemead, CA. Drawing from past inspirations, such as Van Halen and ZZ Top, the bands knack for song writing is matched by their outrageous showmanship. 

Delta Rose started playing together as a group in 2007, though Frontman/Guitarist, Spencer Krasch, and Drummer, Mikey Herrera knew and played with each other since 2004. The band, which also includes Lead guitarist Forrest Goss and Bassist Steven Aulcy met at Rosemead High School in Rosemead, CA., which is also where they played their first official gig.  Soon after, they were playing parties, street festivals, small clubs and bars, and wherever else they could play.

The name Delta Rose has meaning in itself.  The band practiced every day at Drummer, Mikey’s house on Delta Street.  After one variation on the band name, the group settled on Delta Rose by taking the name of Delta street along with the Rose from the city Rosemead, and the rest is history. They also liked the connection of Delta, to the blues which inspired their music and a lot of the musicians they consider to be their influences.

Delta Rose has opened up for iconic acts like Anvil and Steel Panther, and has performed at Hollywood’s Sunset Strip Music Festival.  They have also regularly performed in Los Angeles area at clubs like The Roxy, Viper Room, and House of Blues.